Our Story
For many days we had been toying around with an idea of finding services, movie, restaurant reviews, job searches from friends and contacts. We were thinking of finding an easy solution for this need. We needed office space to work on our new idea! So, started asking within our friends, searching on the websites and newspaper ads. We really couldn’t find anything for a few days.

One fine day, we stepped out for a fresh cup of coffee. The usual cafes were full flowing with loud music and people and we wanted a peaceful nice place. One of our team members recommended a nice, quiet place. While sipping the coffee, a close friend of us called up and mentioned about the office place available within his contacts. We saw the place and the deal got finalized immediately.

All of a sudden we realized that our already established phone contacts and their contacts had an enormous networking potential. Using the same networking power we could reach out to thousands of contacts immediately.

Searching for an office space and a quiet coffee shop motivated us to think through the solution for our basic idea – How we could save time and efforts while searching such information within our contacts.

In the above case, we were looking for an office space. The prospective seller was in our friends contact list. If we three were connected through a common platform we would have got to know about the place directly from the friend’s friend. Or he would know that we were looking out for a place and we would have saved whole lot of time.

We realized that the connection was already established through our phone contacts and the same networking power could be utilized by using one simple app. This app would be a step further than just mere communication, which will add real value in the searching of services, reviews, jobs, events, buy/sell items and much more within phone contacts and their contacts.

We decided to keep the user’s privacy as our top most priority while designing this simple and user friendly app. After all, nobody wants to share their personal contacts.

So it was easy. The user would enter the profession and services in his profile only once and get connected to thousands of contacts immediately.

We worked on the innovative technology and designed the app by keeping only one objective in mind – to provide reliable information from your trusted network.

Our coffee conversations on the idea gave birth to this unique app

Innovative Utility App